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Protect Your
Network With
Perimeter Security

FlexITechs has added perimeter network security products and services that stop attacks, viruses and spam before they hit your network.

Our solutions can also provide monitoring of employee computer usage with daily, weekly and monthly reports to enforce Acceptable Use Policies.

Email Security
Compliance Suite

The FlexIT Email Security Compliance Suite addresses the anti-spam, email archiving and recovery, and email encryption needs of many small businesses. Click the link above for the numerous benefits this suite provides.

Data Backups
and Monitoring

Will your data backups actually work if needed? Thirty percent don't. Learn about our data backup, monitoring and testing plans that mitigate the risk of failed backups.

Benefits of
Managed Services

Learn more about the benefits Managed Services can provide small businesses, even in difficult economic times.

Email Security with the
FlexIT Compliance Suite

Email has created numerous benefits for small businesses but has also created numerous headaches.

With spam comprising 80% to 90% of all email, chief among the headaches are security issues and lost productivity from spam and email-borne viruses, hacking and phishing attacks, not to mention the time spent sorting through the spam.

New regulatory requirements now also require many small businesses to maintain years worth of email.

The FlexIT Email Security Compliance Suite helps your small business address one or all of these challenges with our anti-spam, archiving and email encryption services.

Our anti-spam service:

  • Blocks spam and spam-borne threats before they ever reach your network;
  • Queues incoming email so you don't lose emails if your email server goes down;
  • Audits both in-bound and out-bound email for exploits;
  • Allows users to control their own individual whitelists and blacklists;
  • Provides in-message control panels that allow users to perform whitelist/blacklist tasks from within the email itself;
  • Allows users to determine which countries and languages they want to accept email from;
  • Provides on-the-fly email addresses to use on online forms that can be deleted if the address starts to be spammed;
  • Provides Daily or Real-Time Quarantine Reports that allow you to easily check for good emails that may have been blocked.

Our email encryption service:

  • Protects your sensitive emails from the prying eyes of hackers;
  • Ease of use for both employees and customers with a simple web-based form that allows customers and employees alike to easily open encrypted emails to prevent prying eyes from viewing their contents;
  • Requires no new software or training;
  • Eliminates the need to develop your own directory of encryption keys;
  • Helps meet regulatory requirements in the health, financial, insurance and government sectors.

Our email archiving service:

  • Automatically stores copies of all inbound and outbound email in a secure repository;
  • Powerful search capabilities makes it easy to find the emails or attachments you need;
  • Unlimited storage and historical data upload;
  • Recover one or many email messages to your inbox
  • Access to email with any Internet connection -- great for when your internal network is down

To learn more about how our anti-spam and email encryption services can help secure your network, increase producivity, and protect your employees' and customers' privacy, Contact Us.


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