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Protect Your
Network With
Perimeter Security

FlexITechs has added perimeter network security products and services that stop attacks, viruses and spam before they hit your network.

Our solutions can also provide monitoring of employee computer usage with daily, weekly and monthly reports to enforce Acceptable Use Policies.

Email Security
Compliance Suite

The FlexIT Email Security Compliance Suite addresses the anti-spam, email archiving and recovery, and email encryption needs of many small businesses. Click the link above for the numerous benefits this suite provides.

Data Backups
and Monitoring

Will your data backups actually work if needed? Thirty percent don't. Learn about our data backup, monitoring and testing plans that mitigate the risk of failed backups.

Benefits of
Managed Services

Learn more about the benefits Managed Services can provide small businesses, even in difficult economic times.

How FlexITechs Can
Protect Your Data

Think your business is too small to be of interest to a hacker? Think your data would be of no interest to Identity Thieves? Think your data is safe because you've backed it up to a thumb drive, CD or tape?

Many small business owners think they have nothing to fear from hackers and online criminals, but those attitudes are precisely why hackers have started focusing on small businesses.

A recent study by Visa showed that since 2005, small businesses have been the source of 80 percent of data security compromises, and another study by the security firm WebRoot found that hackers ďare increasingly liking the low barriers presented by the mom-and-pop shops".

In addition, small business owners rarely think about the security of their backups. Just like your original data, your backups are susceptible to corruption, theft, or destruction in the same disasters that destroy the original data files. In fact, a third of all backups fail to restore data when needed.

With all of this in mind, FlexITechs offers important services and layers of protection for your company's and customers' valuable data from theft, disaster, crashes, accidents and corruption, including policy development and testing of backup files.

  • Security Plan -- FlexITechs will develop a Security Plan that includes data security procedures such as the physical protection of your technology infrastructure, employee security education, recommended security improvements, and repercussions for violations of your security policies.

  • Acceptable Use Policy -- FlexITechs will help you develop an Acceptable Use Policy that includes who can access which network resources, how they can use the resources, employee computer monitoring methods, and the repercussions for violations of the policy.

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan -- The worst time to prepare to recover from a disaster is after disaster has struck. To ensure that your company gets back up and running quickly, FlexITechs will develop a plan that includes procedures for recovering from disasters such as fires, floods, lightning strikes, theft, and other calamaties that destroy your technology infrastructure and data.
  • On-Site Backups -- We'll automate your backups via a backup schedule using CDs, DVDs or USB thumb drives, that can be swapped out and taken off-site so your data won't be lost in a catastrophe like a fire or flood that destroys your office and computer systems. Even better, we can provide a fire-proof and water-proof hard drive enclosure that will survive extreme fires and floods without losing your data, even if your entire building is gone.

  • Remote Backups -- Protect your data and reduce your time for recovery by storing it through our online data storage service. Using our online storage service for daily backups, you don't have to worry about making the backups or losing your data to a hard drive crash, accidental deletion, or a catastrophe like a fire, flood or lightning strike. Completely automated, your data is securely backed up and encrypted to two mirrored data centers that store multiple days of backups in the event the latest backup was corrupted.
  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware Software -- We protect your data from corruption or deletion by viruses and other malware with the latest, most effective security software.

  • Redundancy -- We'll spec out a true server thaet includes built-in redundancy with multiple hard drives so your business can continue operating while repairs are made. Or, we can analyze your current server and propose upgrades to provide such redundancy.

  • Physical Security -- We can show you how to protect your company's servers from theft or damage by burglars or disgruntled employees.

  • Network Security -- We can close potential security holes in your existing network with network security products and services, including network perimeter security products that stop attacks before they hit your network. If you have or want a wireless network, we can secure it.

  • Network Monitoring -- We can monitor your network remotely to check for changes that might compromise the security of your data.
  • File Recovery -- Depending on the value of your data and the difficulty of reproducing it, it might make sense to have a failed hard drive scanned with specialized software to attempt to recover the data. FlexITechs can scan your drive and potentially recover data that hasn't been backed up.


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