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Protect Your
Network With
Perimeter Security

FlexITechs has added perimeter network security products and services that stop attacks, viruses and spam before they hit your network.

Our solutions can also provide monitoring of employee computer usage with daily, weekly and monthly reports to enforce Acceptable Use Policies.

Email Security
Compliance Suite

The FlexIT Email Security Compliance Suite addresses the anti-spam, email archiving and recovery, and email encryption needs of many small businesses. Click the link above for the numerous benefits this suite provides.

Data Backups
and Monitoring

Will your data backups actually work if needed? Thirty percent don't. Learn about our data backup, monitoring and testing plans that mitigate the risk of failed backups.

Benefits of
Managed Services

Learn more about the benefits Managed Services can provide small businesses, even in difficult economic times.

Spyware, Virus Removal

Has your computer's performance suffered recently? Do you think it's time to buy a new computer because computers just go bad every year or so? Has your computer been overtaken by some strange "anti-virus" software you don't remember installing?

It used to be that pests such as malware, spyware and viruses were developed by "script kiddies" just trying to see how much trouble they could cause. It used to be you had to actually open a file to get infected.

Now, however, they're written by organized crime gangs bent on stealing everything from identities to money with sophisticated scripts that log your keystrokes to collect user names and passwords or annoy you to the point that you pay for their fake anti-virus software that gives the criminals your credit card information.

And all you have to do to be infected is visit an infected web site.

Obviously, modern malware and viruses pose far greater risks to your security.

FlexITechs can help rid your system of those pests with modern detection and removal tools, education about the tricks today's hackers play on unsuspecting users, and the installation of anti-malware and anti-virus tools that greatly reduce the likelihood of infection.

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